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Kitonik s.r.o.The goal of this web-site is to bring together decision makers from various business areas and great software tools from independent vendors. We are mostly focusing on business tools, but we are also happy to consider other solutions as well.

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  • We do our best to provide our visitors with the best advice on these tools, but we neither sell nor support these solutions.
  • We do our best to keep information on this web-site accurate, but we do not make any guaranties on this. As a result we don’t take any responsibility associated with usage of this information.  With any sales and post sales questions, please contact the vendor of the particular tool directly.
  • If you are interested in purchasing some of these tools visit one of the provided links to check solution details and place an order.

Potential Partners

  • We are interested in promoting on this website software solutions for business performance management as well as other business tools.
  • If your product is sold via one of these e-commerce, we’ll be happy to consider including your tools in the listing at our website.