File Auditing is Simple with Compare Suite

Compare Suite is a powerful solution for tracking changes and updates in complex documents and development formats. This unique auditing software allows you to compare files to help streamline your document process.

Simply put, Compare Suite compares two files and locates all differences between the two files. However, its functionality goes far beyond basic text comparison to offer a variety of useful features. Text documents, spreadsheets, programming code and images can all be compared with Compare Suite.

Supported files include formats such as MS Word, Rich Text Format, PDF, Open Office, HTML, PowerPoint, MS Excel, CSV,  and image files such as JPG or BMP. Word level, character level, and even pixel level comparisons are possible. Keyword comparisons also allow you to compare content between two different documents.

Many different industries can use Compare Suite functions to improve productivity. Text comparison improves document preparation substantially, especially when dealing with complex, team-developed documents. Spreadsheet comparisons assist with reporting; programming language and image comparisons assist software developers.

Text comparisons are helpful for business professionals. Legal documents such as contracts and procedurals can be created and polished much more efficiently with Compare Suite. Many business and legal documents pass through several stages before they are complete. Compare Suite can make identifying the document alterations a quick and easy process, facilitating document preparation and speeding contract negotiations.

For copywriters and other text creation specialists, word level and keyword comparisons make merging documents much more effective. Keyword comparisons help compare different content to locate repeated information or even plagiarism. Personal interest keywords can also be defined which will be identified in every document you process to alert you to topic information you need.

Large-scale documents and published works that are developed as a team can also be created more quickly using Compare Suite. Team leaders can compare work by multiple team members for identifying repeated concepts or to review changes between versions.

Compare Suite is also particularly useful for spreadsheet evaluation. Quickly compare large, complex MS Excel or CSV worksheets to highlight cell contents that differ between the two worksheets.  Possible comparisons include text content, numerical value, date, time, functions and more. You can compare data by cell or by row.

You can also calculate the change between the two spreadsheets using Compare Suite. Values can be expresses as a number or as a percentage. You can use this comparison to quickly calculate month-to-month performance data such as growth percentages or monthly profits.

Software development teams benefit tremendously from the Compare Suite solution. Time spent painstakingly reviewing code line-by-line to locate a single-character change can be replaced with a Compare Suite comparison. Small problems that took hours to diagnose and correct can be located quickly by comparing broken code with previously working code to identify inadvertent alterations. Syntax comparisons are supported for several programming languages, including C++, Java and PHP. Binary files can also be compared by Compare Suite.

Compare Suite can also increase team productivity on large-scale software development projects by reducing production delays caused by file check-out and check-in. Rather than waiting for the necessary file to be checked in before they can begin work, individual developers can work on coding portions of modules independently, then submit files to a lead developer. The lead developer can use Compare Suite to identify the location and integration of new code, helping merge new modules or module features with existing programs much more quickly.

Pixel-level image comparison can also be completed using Compare Suite. Verify images against one another to identify changes or locate variances. Image tags can also be compared. For graphic artists working in collaboration, Compare Suite eliminates the need for extensive communication about version changes. Long verbal descriptions of changes can be replaced with a short explanation and a detailed Compare Suite file comparison.

Compare Suite can also compare entire file folders. You can select two folders for analysis and Compare Suite will provide comparison data on all files included in each folder. For large projects that have been separated into multiple files, this feature allows you to locate the most recent versions of all relevant documents and update as needed.

Synchronization is possible during file folder comparison using Compare Suite. This will enable you to update working folders for multiple team members to the most recent versions of documents, code, spreadsheets or images. This eliminates the need for manual file distribution and also prevents the accidental use of obsolete files.

In addition to the tools included in the Standard version, Compare Suite PRO includes several more useful features. Commentary, comparison file saving, “ignore” criteria, and remote comparison capability make the PRO version a powerful tool for professionals.

For any comparison, PRO users can include comments with the file to make coordinating team projects more effective. Comments can be distributed to team members to help explain changes that you have made or alert supervisors to approval or modification requests. PRO users can also set criteria to ignore certain document features which are not significant, such as page numbers or date stamps.

Additionally, comparisons can be saved in a separate file for review later in the development process. Some software developers find this feature is particularly helpful for comparing code changes when rolling back to previous code that was working more effectively. It also offers an easy way to keep a journal of the work’s progress.

The Compare Suite PRO version includes remote file comparison capability. You can compare a local file from your hard drive with a file on your network or FTP site. For project teams in diverse locations, this helps improve productivity by eliminating the need for transferring files via FTP or email to review updates. It also allows team members to compare work to tasks completed by other team members,  ensuring compatibility and avoiding repeats.

In addition to identifying differences between files, Compare Suite also provides useful data for document and file analysis. Word counts and change counts are provided for all comparisons. You can also generate an HTML report to save or distribute to team members. The basic HTML report lists only those changes discovered by Compare Suite, and the advanced HTML report provides change details along with copies of the original documents.

Compare Suite is an effective software solution for file auditing processes and coordinating team resources on large-scale projects. Whether you choose the Standard, PRO or Light version, Compare Suite will make document comparison and updating easier and more efficient, leaving you more time to devote to achieving your business goals.